You know, I've got to admit...

I love weddings. Full stop. 8 Billion people on the planet and you both chose each other- LET'S PARTY. Details below, official quote upon request...

Tier 1: Reception

Lights, speakers and good vibes. If you're looking for a fantastic and memorable reception, this is the package for you. From the cocktail hour until last call, we can keep it classy until your grandma leaves. 


Tier 2: Ceremony & Reception

Say "I do" wherever you'd like! I'll get the mics and the speakers, you get the rings and the bridal party. Tier 2 will have your ceremony covered and your reception locked. I'm NOT crying, but I AM really happy for you. 


Tier 3: Ceremony, Reception & Recordings

Ceremony? Beautiful. Reception? Amazing! I'm sorry about those lost earrings and, no- I can't believe they said that either. Rewind to your favorite parts with Tier 3's high fidelity audio recordings of your wedding & speeches. Start, stop, relive. Anytime.